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Our SRC this year will be coordinated by Mrs Adele Loscialpo.
School Leaders have received their badges and are already demonstrating their keeness
and willingess to take on additional responsibilities.
Our SRC members will shortly be announced with an Induction Ceremony set for
Monday, 25th March. Leadership days are also being held later this term.
Congratulations to all our students who have accepted these roles and promised to be the voice of a student body - all 660!!!

School Captains- Daniel V and Savannah L

Senior Leaders-Charlotte M, Asa V, Cooper M, Dayne O, Liam J and Tala I

House Captains

ADINA: Ashton G, Chloe E, Jett H and Courtney T
BIRRIWELL: Christian R, Phoebe A, Copper G and Taleah R
KIA KIA: Jake A, Bailey E, Rydan A and Isabelle B
YALLUL: Ahmed S, Amali A, Rhys T and Dakota G
We are lucky to have a great school with great staff, great students and a great community supporting all we do!
S1C: Hayden S, Elanah J
S1D: Lachlan H, Evie U
S1M: Uri T, Meekah T
S1W: Frazer L, Tahlia-Jean P
S2A: Casey W, Maddison L
S2B: Daniel D, Erin L
S2C: Tahlie W, Kelis P
S2L: Jack D, Leah B
S2MK: Clayton S, Abigail D
S2S: Rhys M, Lacey G
S2W: Koby A, Lucia L
S3A: Matthew B, Gabriella M
S3B: Riley R, Dayne O
S3F: Savannah L
S3M: Liam J, Charlotte M, Asa V
S3T: Jared T, Makayla H
S3R: Harley H, Ava R
S3W: Daniel V, Tala I, Cooper M