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Principal's Desk

UPDATED 24th March 2020

To the Parents / Carers of Blackwell Public School students,


Having taught in our Public Education System for almost 50 years, I have never before experienced challenges like those we are facing right now.

Lots of people including staff and parents are feeling confused, overwhelmed and under pressure.

How do we as teachers deliver off site learning for 640 students?

How do we cater for their different ages, abilities, interests and needs?

This is not home schooling. This is a reaction to an emergency.

Home schooling is a choice, this is a form of distance education.

Facilitating distance learning for all our students, I think, will be an almost impossible task BUT we will endeavour to provide you with a suitable learning program with links. We are currently working on a program for each stage that you will have emailed out for the next few days. One will follow for next week and then each week after. One week at a time at present seems to be as much as any of us can deal with. I am hoping this will not put additional pressure on families already stressed. Hopefully you can assist your child with their work, if not then I am sure in this new world we can provide some parental training.

So, what is it that you expect and what is it that I can deliver?

The Department has provided a link on our school website with “Learning from Home”. However we are currently using this template to personalise learning at Blackwell.

I have included an overview of what our day looks like to support you as the department has suggested that all students find security in routines. I did have one parent suggest they pack lunch and recess to stop their family raids in the fridge.

Here at Blackwell we believe in a school where we work together as a team, providing the best possible learning evironment we possibly can.


Executive staff will also add a stage specific perspective over the next few days.

This is certainly not what I thought we would be doing in 2020 and the future appears uncertain with no real solution or end in sight.

Blackwell will remain open but as you can appreciate we are operating on a day by day basis. Many of our events have already been cancelled but we will continue to provide a calm, happy and safe environment for all of us. As you are aware Mel has closed the canteen until further notice. I would like to thank Mel and her staff for all their efforts and hope to see them back sometime soon.

I trust that you will continue to support us in these difficult and uncertain times and I will continue to keep you informed of all developments as they reach us.

I do need to know if you can access the internet or you would prefer hard copies of programs. I am presuming most families have Wi-Fi but not sure with parents working from home if access may be limited.

I know I am one of the lucky ones with a secure job and my good but old health.  Please take care of your selves and loved ones. If I can be of further assistance or you have any concerns ring, email or message me. We are here to support. I miss you and our students already!

Keep smiling and please take comfort from your families and friends.

I will keep you in my prayers.


Kris Hudswell



Our focus at Blackwell Public School is Be Passionate and Succeed.

Our aim has and will cotinue to be that as a school we focus on

  • improved student outcomes;
  • high expectations for all student;
  • provision of worthwhile content;
  • appropriate pre and post assessment;
  • diverse opportunities to learn and apply information;
  • effective approaches that are responsive to learning;
  • active and efficient leadership and
  • reviewing future focus trends.

Kris Hudswell

Principal Blackwell Public School

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