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Principal's Desk

Here at Blackwell we believe in a school where we work together as a team, providing the best possible learning evironment we possibly can.

Our focus at Blackwell Public School is Be Passionate and Succeed.

Our aim has and will cotinue to be that as a school we focus on

  • improved student outcomes;
  • high expectations for all student;
  • provision of worthwhile content;
  • appropriate pre and post assessment;
  • diverse opportunities to learn and apply information;
  • effective approaches that are responsive to learning;
  • active and efficient leadership and
  • reviewing future focus trends.
  • Staff, students and parents need a environmet that offers both trust and challenges.
  • We need to make changes to our practices to enable staff to use data and to understand these implications for their teachig practices.
  • Our stage teams continue to operate as a cohesive team working together to provide maximum opportunities for learning.
  • We are lucky to be part of a community where learning is valued.
  • Our P&C community works hard to provide the best possible venues for learning in such a rich,diverse culture.
  • The wider school community remains supportive of all endeavours and strongly supports the actions of the P&C.
  • Together we strive to "Educate for Tomorrow" using all our resources to provide the best possible standard of education.
  • We are proud to be part of the STEPS-(St Clair Erskine Park Schools) Learning Community.
  • We continue to promote not only our school but the larger Public Education system we have chosen for our children.

Welcome to 2020!

Kris Hudswell

Principal Blackwell Public School

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