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Homework Stage 2


There is no formal weekly homework. 

Blackwell has a new spelling program, 'Words Their Way'. This program is based on word study for phonics, vocabulary and spelling. It helps students learn about the sounds, structure and meanings of words. Children will start to bring home 'word sorts' to practise. As the program caters for individual needs, there are many lists operating at the same time in each class.

The students are encouraged to read each night (15-20 minutes) and log their nights of reading in their personal log. Once they have recorded ten nights of reading, they need to return their log to the teacher to receive their reward of 10 000 points for their house. Each term there is a Home Reading Target for the students to achieve. The goals are -

Term 1 - 40 sessions of reading 

Term 2 - 50 sessions of reading

Term 3 - 50 sessions of reading 

Term 4 - 50 sessions of reading 

If students reach the Home Reading Target they will receive a special certificate and their name will appear in the POST.

PLUS a bonus 50 000 points for their house.

Your child has a designated library time each week. Please encourage your child to borrow from our extensive library at this time. These books can be used in the classroom, at home and may contribute to the Premier's Reading Challenge, which your child can log through our links page.

The student's also have the opportunity to access World Book online. This is an incredible resource for students to utilise.  The username is blackwell and the password is blackwell. This can also be accessed through our links page.