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Welcome to Stage 1

Welcome to Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2). Students have settled beautifully into their new classes and we have many happy faces (students and staff). We would like to introduce you to the stage 1 teachers for 2018;




S1H     Mrs Danielle Hemmings (Maternity Leave) Mrs Cristy Dabic

S1J      Miss Judith Washburn

S1T     Miss Lauren Thomas

S1P     Mrs Pauline Richmond

S1W    Mrs Deanne Witchard (Assistant Principal/Stage Supervisor)


S1C    Mrs Merryn Handley (Monday/Tuesday)/Mrs Rachel Cameron (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

S1D     Mrs Dyan Toledano

S1F     Mr Hani Farag

S1R     Mrs Beverley Reynolds (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)/Mr Dominic Whitney (Friday)


“Meet the Teacher Evening” – Stage 1 will be holding a meet and greet/information night on Tuesday 13th February from 5.45 – 6.30pm in your child’s room. Children are not required to attend but you may bring them along if you don’t have a babysitter.

Messages for the teacher/parent concerns - It is really important that teachers start their day on time (and students too), when parents hold up teachers in the morning to give them a message, it impacts on class routines and programs. If some information is required for that day, please write a note to the class teacher and forward it with your child. Otherwise a message can be left at the office for the teacher. If you would like your child’s teacher to call you to discuss something, please arrange a time outside school hours or in their RFF time. Mrs Witchard (stage supervisor) always has an ‘open door’ and you’re welcome to drop in before or after school also.

School Pack - Please pay for your child’s school pack as soon as possible. It has everything they require from pencils and glue sticks to whiteboard markers and books to do their school work in. For the first child it is $80, the second child $60, the third child $40 and for every child after that, it is free! Our school pack also includes a library bag this year.

Crunch and Sip - Students participate in “Crunch and Sip” each day in the morning session. There is no set time for this, as it is scheduled at an appropriate time for the class. Students are only permitted to have fresh fruit or vegetables and/or water. The portions, however, need to be small so that they are consumed quickly and class disruptions are minimised. A very large apple can take a child a very long time to finish so if possible, please cut the apple into quarters as this is more manage for them to eat.

School uniforms - Please label all items brought to school by your child. We ask that students not wear nail polish or jewellery to school (sleepers/studs and watches excluded) and that they adhere to the uniform as close as possible. This includes black shoes (no bright shoelaces please). Ribbons or bows in the hair should be school colours – navy, blue or white.

Scripture – Scripturewill be starting on Wednesday 28th February. Please inform the school office in writing if you wish to change your child’s scripture group.

Extra equipment - Please provide your child with a paint shirt and a box of tissues. Donations of bottled liquid soap, paper towel or antiseptic wipes are also very much appreciated.

Sport - We ask if students could wear joggers on the following days so they are comfortable to participate in sport/exercise. Sport for   Yr 1 is on Wednesdays and  Yr 2s on Friday. Stage 1 Dance - Yr 1 and Year 2 is on Tuesdays.          

Banking Day - is onThursdays (if your child has a Commonwealth bankbook). 

Money Procedures - All money sent to school should be in a labelled envelope and handed in at the school office.

Library Day - Our school library is open every afternoon and every morning with the exception of Tuesday. Books can be borrowed during this time as well as during class library times. We encourage ALL students to be regular book borrowers. Students will receive their library bag once they have purchased the school pack.

Book Club - Book Club orders should be in a labelled envelope and returned to the office by the first Monday after being handed out.

Absences - The Department of School Education requires a note to explain all absences within 7 days. Please send a note to school with your child upon returning to school.

Homework - Blackwell has a no homework policy, however home reading (this may include sight word lists) is still expected on a daily basis. Students will be bringing home a “Home Reading Log” where you will be required to enter the book they bring home from school. Sometimes they may bring the same book home two or three nights in a row; this is to develop fluency and expression.

Facebook – For up to date information and to answer questions, please join “Blackwell Public School” on Facebook. Please do not send teachers a “PM” (personal message) or invite teachers as ‘friends’. You can also email the school - (your email will be forwarded to the person you wish to contact). 

Assemblies – Combined Assemblies are held in our hall from 2-3pm in weeks 3, 6 and 9 each term.

School Newsletter - (“Blackwell Post”) – is emailed to parents every fortnight. Please make sure your email details are up to date in the office. Please read front page and the Stage 1 information page!

Skoolbag App We also have a “Skoolbag App” you can download where you can fill in an absent not for your child electronically or download permission notes you may have lost.

Parent Helpers - Some classes will be providing opportunities for parents/grandparents/relatives to assist in our classrooms throughout the year by helping with reading groups, maths groups, listening to children read books, words or sounds, covering books, making classroom games (provided by the Teacher).

Assistance provided, even if only for an hour per week or fortnight delivers great benefit to the learning of all students. We would be very appreciative of your assistance and the children will enjoy having you as part of the teaching/learning program.


Please see you child’s class teacher if you are able to lend a helping hand.

What are we covering in Semester 1?

ENGLISH – Students will continue to participate in reading groups, reading levelled texts at their individual level. Teachers will be discussing the author’s purpose of texts (Persuade, Inform and Entertain). Students may bring home the same reader a few nights a week. This is to develop fluency which is a crucial part of reading.       

Teachers will also be developing student’s comprehension skills of; predicting, connecting, summarising, inferring, visualising and questioning.

Students are expected to be reading a levelled 16 -18 text by the end of year 1, and Level 22 by the end of year 2.

In writing, we are working on sentence structure, punctuation and basic editing.

Students have been assessed in spelling and have been placed in spelling groups according to what skills they need next. Blackwell uses the resource “Words Their Way” to provide students with individual word sorts.

Students will also be continuing formal handwriting, using letters of consistent size and shape.


Yr 1 –

  • Counting forwards on a number line is adding one each time
  • Counting backwards on a number line is subtracting one each time
  • Add and subtract single digit numbers with counters and on a number line
  • Addition is commutative (3+4 is the same as 4+3)
  • Direction from own perspective and other’s perspective e.g. left and right
  • Identify the number of items in the part that repeats in a pattern
  • Friends of 10, through addition, subtraction and commutatively
  • Place value of teen numbers, “teen means ten” (17 = 1 ten and 7 ones)
  • Sides on two-dimensional shapes
  • Measure length using multiple and single informal units
  • Place value, partition and order two-digit numbers
  • Add single digit numbers bridging to 10 using place value
  • Subtract single digit numbers bridging 10 using place value
  • Duration of seasons, months, days and hours
  • Chance of familiar events
  • Friends of 20, friends of any decade
  • Area in informal units, square is best
  • Add and subtract single-digit numbers bridging 20 using place value, bridging any edcade

Yr 2 –

  • Adding and subtracting, counting by 10s on and off the decade
  • Measuring length using a tape measure of informal units
  • Place value of three-digit numbers
  • Count by 1s, 10s or 100s from three digit numbers
  • Friends of 100
  • Partition 10s numbers (e.g. 43 is 4 tens and 3 ones)
  • Add and subtract 10s, bridging to 100
  • Add and subtract two digit numbers (we do not learn the algorithm in stage 1!!!)
  • Two-dimensional shapes, curved lines, sides and vertices
  • Money 100 cents in a dollar, counting notes and coins, make given amounts, working out change, multiply notes and coins
  • Describe position on simple maps
  • Divide into arrays, divide into ‘groups of’ and into ‘equal groups’, identifying remainders
  • Measure area using a single square in an array       


Term 1 “Watch it Grow”

-          explore the growth of a range of living things and explore the processes of growth and change, of reproduction that apply to all animals

-          compare the growth of living things under different conditions e.g. meal worms 

Term 2 “Look, Listen”

-          investigate sources of light and sound, how they are produced and how light and sound travel

-          understanding of the role of light and sound in our lives and our community will be developed through hands-on activities

-          through investigations, students explore why we have two eyes instead of one. 

GEOGRAPHY –  “Features of Places”(Semester One unit, history is covered in Semester 2)

1. What are the features of, and activities in, places?

2. How can we care for places?

3. How can spaces within a place be used for different purposes?

CAPA – (Creative and Practical Arts)


Stage 1 teachers will teaching a particular area this year (Music, Drama, Dance, Music) and all classes will have the opportunity to visit each teacher for a number of weeks during our CAPA hour. 


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