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Welcome to Stage 1!

Stage One Information

Welcome to Stage One! Students have settled well into their new classes, without any hiccups, and most students (and teachers) are coming to school with big smiles! Staff for this year are;

S1E – Miss Harper                                                                   

S1C –Mrs Cameron/ Mrs Handley

S1J – Miss Washburn                                                              

S1D – Mrs Toledano

S1H – Mrs Hemmings                                                               

S1F – Mr Farag

S1T – Miss Thomas                                                                  

S1R – Mrs Reynolds/Mrs Crossman

S1W Mrs Witchard (AP and supervisor of stage 1)

We are looking forward to working closely together as a stage team and learning from each other.

Please purchase your “School Pack”! ($80 for the 1st student, $60 for the 2nd and $40 for the 3rd). These packs contain all the stationary necessary, such as exercise books, folders, pencils, scissors, glue, rulers etc. It also covers the cost of art materials, paper, whiteboards, markers etc. It also includes apps and site licence fees.


Homework - A weekly homework sheet is no longer sent home to be completed. Home reading and spelling word sorts are to be done on a daily basis. This should begin next week.

Meet the Teacher - Stage 1 Parent/teacher information meetings will be held on Monday 20th February, from 5.30 – 6.30pm so that you have an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher. This is more informal than the parent/teacher interview times which take place after Semester 1 reports. 

Please bring - If you haven’t already done so, we would appreciate a donation of a bottle of liquid soap and a large box of tissues as these are always required during the year. A paint shirt can also be sent at your earliest convenience.

Assemblies - Assembly time will remain on Monday afternoons from 2-3pm. Class teachers will inform you when classes perform items. K-2 Assemblies will be rotated with Primary and Combined Assemblies.

Concerns - If you need to speak to class teachers, please leave a message with the school office so that teachers can contact you. When students are entering the class in the morning is not a convenient time to talk because the teachers need to be inside supervising the students.  As per departmental policy - No private messages on Facebook to teacher!


Afternoon pick up - This year we ask that parents collecting children at 3pm, wait for their children under the cola area or at the picnic tables in the Stage 1 area and not outside the demountables, on their steps or on the seats outside the classrooms. We have had a few issues with noise and smaller children running around the path and into classrooms, disrupting classes at the end of the day as we are busy finishing off our work and packing up. We appreciate your assistance in the area.





Term Overview for Stage One

EnglishReading groups start next week and students should start bringing home books to practice at home. Teachers are busy assessing student’s spelling and will be grouping students and sending home word sorts soon. We are studying poetry and engaging in Dr Suess activities. We are also making sure we are forming letters that are consistent in shape and size in the NSW foundation font in handwriting.

Maths – Year 1











Maths – Year 2


Mrs Boon will be visiting Stage One this term to team teach with class teachers on the iPads and computers. We will be focusing on the skills of; keyboard skills, word processing and using simple apps.

Science – “Push, Pull” -Term 1

Forces are at work in everything we do – we push to open doors, and pull to tie ropes. Gravity pulls on things to make them fall down or to keep them down. The Push-Pull unit provides the opportunity for students to explore pushes and pulls. Through investigations, students observe and gather evidence about how these forces act in air and water, and on the ground. Students identify the effect of the pull of gravity and learn that both air and water can 'push'.

Geography – “People, Places” – Semester One

Student’s will describe features of places and the connections people have with places.

We have three main questions of enquiry;

1. Where are places located in Australia?

2. How are people connected to places?

3. What factors affect people’s connections to places?

Personal Development – “Interpersonal Relationships” - Term 1

We will be exploring relationships with our families and friends. We will examine feelings and how we deal with upsets and problems in our lives. Most importantly we will look at what is a friend? How do we make friends? We will also be playing lots of games that require us to build skills of; resilience, cooperation, kindness and fairness. BounceBack lessons compliment this unit.

Physical Development – Games and Sports

We will be developing the fundamental skills of; run, overhand throw, two handed strike, leap and bounce. We will then use these skills to play modified cricket and t-ball games. We ask that students wear joggers on the following days;

Year 2 – Monday, Year 1 – Tuesday and both year 1 and 2 on Fridays (Zumba)



We will be involved in CAPA groups this semester. Each class will visit a teacher on their grade for a 4-5 week period to engage in the following areas; art appreciation, music, dance and drama. This will begin later in the term.


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